Tax Free Car Leasing in Europe



Euro-Drive allows the traveler to discover Europe behind the wheel of a brand new tax free lease car, with full insurance and unlimited mileage included. It is the ultimate European self drive holiday offering a wide choice of vehicles from French car makers Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. And you have the freedom to drive through nearly 40 countries.  

What is a tax free lease car. ? The French Government allows international visitors on holiday in Europe to take temporary ownership of a new left-hand drive vehicle with a guaranteed buy back agreement from French car manufacturers. You may choose from Citroen, Peugeot or Renault. It is like hiring a car but is called a tax free lease. You are not buying the car outright, merely leasing the car for a specific period and purpose.

The minimum duration is generally 21 days and the maximum is 175 days (except in Portugal max is 90 days) – The vehicle is registered & insured in your name as a non-resident of Europe. The vehicle receives a special Temporary Transit (T.T.) registration number plate with Tax Free status, meaning the vehicle is exempt of local taxes. The Temporary Transit (T.T.) scheme has been operating in France for many years and is available only to persons living outside of Europe who are visiting on holiday. If you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand and you are visiting Europe on a holiday, you qualify for the T.T. scheme.

Your brand new vehicle comes with a comprehensive insurance policy with a zero excess. There are many different models to choose from and we are sure you will find one that meets your needs. You have the option of collecting your vehicle from one country and return it to a location in another country. Additional fees may apply. If you start and finish your lease within France, no extra fees apply. If you collect or return the car outside France. e.g. pick up Rome and drop off in Paris, a delivery fee will be applied for the vehicle to be shipped to Rome.


To Qualify: You must reside outside the European Union (EU), be visiting the EU on a holiday for less than 185 days in a 12 month period and you must NOT be undertaking any form of employment during your stay.

What Is Included?

  • A brand new vehicle from Citroen, Peugeot or Renault
  • Comprehensive Insurance (Fire, 3rd party & theft)
  • Zero insurance excess
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Free pick up & return in France from selected cities.
  • Free Additional driver for Spouse & immediate family (conditions apply)
  • Min Driver age is 21 years with a full license – (Young driver surcharge does not apply)
  • No upper age limit (drivers over 75 years are allowed)
  • Car makers new car warranty with service support from local dealer network
  • Satellite Navigation (GPS) on most models, where stated.
  • 24 hour Assistance

Where Can I Drive? – You are free to drive through and explore the following countries:  For example if you lease a car from Citroen you may drive through these countries:

Andorra – Austria – Belgium – Bosnia Herzegovina – Bulgaria – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France (mainland) – Germany – Gibraltar – Greece – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Malta – Monaco – Montenegro – The Netherlands – Norway – Poland – Portugal – Romania – San Marino – Serbia – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain (including Canary and Balearic Islands) Sweden – Switzerland – United Kingdom – Vatican.

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for driving restrictions from Peugeot & Renault.

Benefits of Car Leasing:
  • All paperwork is done in Australia 6-8 weeks prior to your departure date from Australia
  • When collecting your car there is no queuing at a Rental car desk, as all paperwork has been completed prior to travel.
  • You will receive comprehensive documentation before you leave Australia with collection & return location instructions and more.
  • You receive a brand new left-hand drive vehicle, with the manufacturers new car warranty.
  • You may choose the exact model that suits your needs rather than “Car or similar” that applies with all Rental cars.
  • All vehicles include an anti-theft device for greater security.
  • All vehicles come with comprehensive insurance cover. (Not generally included on standard Car Rental pricing)
  • There is no Insurance excess (usually over $1000 with a rental car).
  • There are no additional driver fees for Spouse or immediate family-(conditions apply)
  • Greater flexibility to drive your lease vehicle through many more countries than allowed by car rental companies 
  • GPS included in most models, pre-set to English and includes all of ‘Western Europe’.
  • All vehicles feature air-conditioning, power steering, electric front windows, central locking, airbags, ABS system, radio and luggage cover.
  • No Fuel Security Deposit or need to return car with full tank – OK to return with minimal fuel.
  • No arguments over optional extras charged to your credit card – Our locations never ask for your credit card details on collection.
Who Can Drive a Tax Free Lease Car ?
  • To be eligible the Contract holder (main Driver) must be a resident of Australia visiting Europe on holiday with an Australian or NZ Passport – (Note: See below Special Conditions for EU Passport holders residing in Australia)
  • All Drivers must possess a full valid Driver’s licence. (International Drivers permit in conjunction with your License also highly recommended)
  • The leased vehicle may be driven only by the Contract holder or his/her Partner (i.e. spouse or legal co-habitant), direct descendants or ascendants, if they qualify for the scheme and hold valid full driving licences. Note: Family members who are direct ascendants or descendants may only drive the vehicle locally. They cannot drive across borders without the Contract Holder.
  • Only the Spouse/legal co-habitant can cross country borders, if the Contract Holder is not in the vehicle.
  • Other drivers who are NOT descendants/ascendants/spouse/legal co-habitant) may only drive the vehicle if the Contract Holder is inside the vehicle and is unable to drive due to an emergency situation or exceptional circumstances.
  • It is also the Contract Holders responsibility to ensure they are aware of any special driving requirements in each country they are visiting.

Special Conditions for EU Passport Holders residing in Australia/NZ:  All EU Passport holders must provide a copy of their Australian residency visa and a Stat Dec letter from their employer, stating their intention to return to there place of employment in Australia/NZ at the end of their trip. EU Citizens who are retired must provide a copy of their Australia/NZ residency Visa and a Stat Dec of their intention to return to Australia/NZ at the end of their stay in Europe. Please contact Europe Travel Centre for assistance.

Important Notes:  All lease vehicles are left-hand drive, even those collected from London. The vehicle will be supplied with only 10-15 litres of fuel, so you must visit to a Fuel station straight after collecting your car. On return you do not have to fill up. You may return the vehicle with minimal fuel. 

GPS – In-car GPS system are included on most models, pre-set to English and include all of ‘Western Europe’.  – All vehicles feature air-conditioning, power steering, electric front windows, central locking, airbags, ABS system, radio and luggage cover.

Winter Driving: All vehicles are fitted with standard summer tyres only. Winterised cars are NOT available. If you plan to drive during the winter
months (Nov-Mar/Apr) please check the rules in each country. If winter tyres and/or snow chains are required, it is your responsibility to obtain these (at your cost) and return the vehicle with its original tyres.